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Now L.A.M.E. 1,

before 2004 Ambassador of Love,

a derivative num de plume of the 1997



This web site remains the same since "4/6/2004" - I have been after the United Nations to use their logo since "4/6/2004" to promote cleaning the earth’s water.  The United Nations denied me using their Logo because you had to work for the United Nations in order to use their Logo).


During Kofi, Annan’s tenure  I sent emails to all member countries and to organizations like Green Peace, Peace Corps and so on to support my efforts - They (United Nations) have  since created a logo people can use because of my efforts.  


Now I use this web site as an origin point for the “Water for Life Logo” (A decade of cleaning the earth's water) - Established 2005 until 2015.


Interesting thought: I got things going and now the United Nations won’t let me use the logo.  Whether the United Nations allow me access to my creation or not, people, org.’s and others now have  a means (the logo) to bringing awareness about our most precious resource!

 Oh yeah! The original site was www.ambassadoroflovemagazine.com, without the hyphens.



Ambassador of Love Magazine - Worlds Authority on Cleaning the Earths Water, with or
without the United Nations. 12 percent at a time!

Enjoy the magazine, Ambassador of Love


About this ENSIGN, (What it means):




Ambassador of Love web sites are for heterosexual relationships: Word to the wise, Ambassador of Love professes male and female relationships.  People that are in homosexual relationships should seek genders opposite of there current affiliation.   Meaning the homosexual female that is the masculine in her relationship should seek genders opposite of there current affiliation.  Meaning the homosexual female that is the masculine in her relationship should seek the male that is feminine in his homosexual relationship and the homosexual male that is the masculine in his relationship should seek the female in her homosexual relationship and vice versa.


Emperor of Love Awareness Article

Email sent to www.holymtn.com:About the  Japanese Tea Ceremony for Lovers.  The oneness between two lovers is what I'm interested in teaching my readers and the Japanese Tea Ceremony is a perfect tutor. Please visit www.ambassador-of-love-magazine.com to see if your company would mind letting Ambassador of Love Magazine. Com use your explanation of the Japanese Tea Ceremony as a permanent article for lovers to embrace.


(World Water Assessment Program (WWAP))

Ambassador of Love Magazine will report on Non-Pornographic Adult Sensual Subject Matters, World Water Events and the United Nations International Decade for Actions, Water for Life, 2005 - 2015. To learn more about the United Nations Water Program - World Water Assessment Program (WWAP) you can start one of these ways for starters:

Buy the book - Water for People Water for Life. Published in 2003 jointly by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Berghahn Books. I bought my copy from the United Nations Bookshop - Here's their number (212) 963 - 7680, if you'd like to purchase this interesting assessment of the Worlds Water Supply and it's filled with lot's of facts about the earth and us. These are the chapters and descriptions:

Part I (1): Setting the Scene; Part II (2): A Look at the World's Freshwater Resources; Part III (3): Challenges to Life and Well-Being; Part IV (4):Management Challenges: Stewardship and Governance; Part V (5): Pilot Case Studies: A Focus on Real-World Examples; Part VI (6): Fitting the Pieces Together; And VII (7) of course the Annexes


Water for Life Logo

If you want to use the Water for People, Water for Life logo -

send inquires to:

Secretariat of UN-Water

Chief, Water, Natural Resources and SIDS Branch

United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Division for Sustainable Development

2 UN PLAZA, DC2, Room 2024

New York, N.Y. 10017 USA

Email: unwater@un.org


Apply for United Nations Press Pass

World Peace Advocates if you want a press pass for United Nations Conference's hereis a link to help you with your endeavor:



Emperor/Ambassador of Love Story

I began in 1997, when I copy-wrote “Casanova Games” Classical Games with an Erotic Twist. It contained romance rules for 4 games: Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Dominoes and 2 romantic things for lovers: Casanova Magic Carpet & Casanova Edible Poetry. Today Ambassador of Love Games Has over 31 love rules & suggestions for lovers to practice, with more to come.

A friend of mine suggested that I use “Lionel’s Love Lair” to represent this venture. When I heard the name, I liked and adopted it. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed that “Lionel’s Love Lair” should have many realms within its lair. To make a long story short, there are 13 different realms. Each realm deals with an aspect of love.

Somewhere around 2000-2001 I Open 'd Lionel’sLoveLair.com, to get feedback on my sensual themes. When it came time to give my site an Internet rating for search engine posting, Lionel’sLoveLair.com received a “G” rating even though it was an adult site. Lionel’s Love Lair is a Love Company that deals with the proliferation of healthy sex between lovers. There is nothing pornographic about the adult themes; products or services that will be offer’d now or in the future. Since the opening of Lionel's Love Lair, I come to find a better name that represents what I'm embodying - Emperor of Love.

During the time I filed Casanova Games with the Copyright Office, I started on a personal project. My roommate and I had a spare room not being used. Out of nowhere I suggested that I be allowed to turn the spare room into a sex-room. My roommate thought it was a cool idea. I never seen or heard of a sex-room, but I did know there was a lot of sexual paraphernalia out there. I invited a friend over and we painted words like: LOVE, LUST, LIKE in neon colors on black felt, so the words would glow when the lights were out and the black-lights was on. Also, we laid a tribal sheet on the floor and finished it up with beanbags. When it came time to purchase stuff like sex swings-etc, there were 2 major problems: The costs and the unusual damage that I would have to do to my residence in order to set-up some of the stuff. Even though many sexual encounters and rumors of an orgy sprang from the sex-room, it became more of a chill-out room where friends, visitors and I would talk for hours at a time. I am somewhat of an inventor and as part of Emperor of Love I have created a realm called- Ambassador of Love Erotica. This realm deals with house/apartment friendly romantic paraphernalia. What that means is the swings and so on in this product line was designed to be portable for easy storage and stealthy when in plain view. Currently Emperor of Love is seeking a patent for the whole collection, which consists of a dozen different ideas. When the patent has been processed, then Emperor of Love will offer the collection to the public and industry.

Ambassador of Love dot com is a conscious effort to showcase & express my erotic nature, whether it is

Passion, Lust, Love, Fantasy or Reality.

Sex is not a dirty or shameful act, it has to be made that way. So I focused the energy of this venture toward the loving & adventuress people that look for non-pornographic goods to aid in the love department. There aren’t many if any companies out there that blanket the love industry with A-Z products and services.

The way I did my research, was when I thought of something I’d look for it. I didn't find a lot of the things in my query and when I did it wasn't what I had envision’d or it was just plain pornographic. Hence: There are more than 31 Love Chambers, all dealing with the different aspects of love or as I like to think, my erotic nature.


Embedded into the Principle’s, Codes and Ethics of Emperor of Love is a fundamental philosophy -

“The Aura for Love” 


  The nature of the Emperor of Love is romance purchased, which will enhance the love that is already shared, as two become 1 and peace can be explored. Products will be used and translated globally, to say the least, that’s a lot of love’n.  It would honestly be a shame if all that energy dissipated into wealth with nothing to show for it. 


12% of profits will be dedicated to cleaning the world’s water supply, until every person has clean water to drink, bathe and cook with.  It really isn’t that much of a task with the advent of technology and if the dilemma is viewed objectively.


Anyway, Love is universal and is the heart of the Emperor of Love.  I the writer, who doubles as the audience, observe as one.  One Love: The Ambassador of Love.


 It is the fulfillment of the conception of, “The Aura of Love”.  In theory: The love that is shared between couples, because of Emperor of Love products, will transcend into the essence of Life (clean water) for all. 


There is a saying about; throwing stone’s into the pond of life.  Well, I like to think of it, as skipping stone’s across the pond of life until no more stones are needed.


Emperor/Ambassador of Love


The Emperor of Love represents intelligent sensuality for all adults, without the use of pornographic ideologies and will be a new standard for adult fun.


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