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Homemade Infant Solid Foods & Formula


It is very simple as I see it: Breast Milk is the most nutritional sustenance a growing infant / toddler can consume!  So why buy at the grocery store that you can make at home?
For instance: Organic Vegetables; Fruits; Nuts / Berries; Breads / Sweets with Breast Milk
How it’s done: Get a bowl / something like a large spoon – put for instance in a bowl with (when possible) fresh pumped breast milk.  Puree into a fine mush and spoon feed the child mothers nourishment.
Nuts should be crushed into a fine powder before adding Breast Milk and then should soak until soft (My thoughts about this is the Childs’ intestines are still developing and nut fragments are to abrasive (jagged).
What about Ice Cream?  Add Refrigerated Breast Milk!  Side Note: Any cool or cold dish, use Refrigerated Breast Milk!
Instant Formula: Making a Health Drink or Smoothie add some Breast Milk!
Breads i.e.: Banana Bread, Muffins, Pancakes, Waffles, French toast, etc. (Whatever ethnicity or cultural breads you are accustomed to and eventually your child will be eating in your household).
Vegetables: You’re starting to get the idea – The same things on the shelf by some manufactures for infants and toddlers are the same things you can make, with love and care from your bosom & it is more nutritional and probably tastes better to your child.
Fruits & Berries: Cut them up and mush them up with Breast Milk!
And Last But Not Forgotten (SWEETS)
Hard Candy: Let it dissolve in Breast Milk; Soft Candy (Salt Water Taffy): Let it dissolve in Breast Milk; Powder Candy: Let it dissolve in Breast Milk; Pies / Cakes / Frosting and so on: Let it dissolve in Breast Milk & Mix thoroughly.
Hope This Helps – Breast Feeding Designs Owner



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