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The L.A.M.E. 1 Alpha Harness is made for all kinds of fun:


Costume Party, Walking Bondage as a Bondage Leash and not to worry unlike


some trainers for dogs, there is No Shock treatments with this Dog / Individual Leash! 



Ever seen a Couples’ Costume, where they both come as a Horse


as a Party Costume?



All in good fun and then some more, unlike the “Horse Costume”. 


No couple has to choose who’s going to be the ass!



Costume Walking Bondage Leash

No Shock Dog Training Leashes


The picture itself has been on the shelf since 12/2012.


And there you have it!




Friday, August 18, 2017 - The range of L.A.M.E. 1, background thought:




Personally, I am not much of a fetish type person, nor am I into bondage!




However, while going through a war chest of inventions


and on the shelf idea’s, that remain stationary till due time


of said inventions market readiness is there. 



I came across the Alpha Harness.




The Alpha Harness is originally marked for dog training


and obedience learning, while the animal is youthful. 




Today another thought crossed my mind’s eye,


I have seen people on TV at fetish parties,


with collars and leashes and



The Alpha Harness can also be utilized in such a fashion. 


It’s no secret that I produce original thoughts as well






As I do,


I must state my case and my reasoning for certain items:



When you see orange signs on the freeway, it usually cautions safe driving habits


because “MEN AT WORK”, just a thought girls and boys.



– No matter who holds the reins, for the fun of it all & ENJOY!